Setting up our workshop properly – Carnage Plus

We install some new equipment in the Carnage workshop


A LOT of avid Carnage viewers have noticed that while we have a heap of cool gear from our friends at Hare & Forbes for our new workshop, some of that equipment has not exactly been installed in a way that makes it fully user-friendly.

In an episode of Carnage Plus a while ago, we showed you the initial set-up of most of the workshop equipment. However, once we dived into actually building cars in our new domain, trivial jobs like bolting the vice down and setting up our monster air compressor just kept getting put on the back-burner.

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After growing tired of wrestling with unsupported vices on the floor and constantly bending over to use our bandsaw, Scotty finally set aside a day to remedy most of these little niggles and set up the workshop properly.

We headed down to Hare & Forbes for a pair of portable benches for our vice and bandsaw, as well as sorting out the plumbing for our air compressor hose reel and sand-blasting cabinet, plus a bunch of other stuff.

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If this sort of viewing isn’t to your typical Carnage fancy, then fear not – we’ve got the final episode of the Holden vs Ford $2K Challenge brewing away nicely, and the next instalment of the Trolvo build should be ready for your eyeballs soon.