Video: Goodbye Trolvo! You mighty 1.5JZ-powered brick

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty bids a sad farewell to our beloved Volvo 240


This bonus Monday episode of Carnage has a sad tinge to it, as we say goodbye to our 1.5JZ-swapped Volvo 240 project affectionately dubbed The Trolvo.

It’s come a long way from the $1000 wreck we first got, now boasting 494rkwW (663rwhp) and a PB of 9.50@141mph.

It was always a bit of running joke that we at Street Machine decided to play around with a Volvo of all things, but as the car got faster both we and the audience grew fonder of it.

While it certainly did get faster, it sure made us earn it. From the beginning we had issues, with one of the original twin turbos on the 1JZ being completely seized, giving us literally 0psi! The car also had a fair crack at depleting the worldwide supply of A340 gearboxes, and then that 1JZ finally let go and forced our hand with the 1.5JZ build series.

It’s been a challenging but rewarding journey with this car, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. More power and speed brings with it more risk, and the Swedish brick has now hit a point where we need to either get properly serious with it or call it a day before things get nasty.

With its PB of 9.50, the car now needs a roll cage and parachute. We’d also need to look at a set of rear wheels tubs while in there, and some suspension upgrades to make this thing feel less like a bed being slung down a hallway at over 140mph. All in, that work would easily total well over AU$10,000, and we simply can’t justify it.

We also realised it wouldn’t be a great idea to sell such a ruthless car as-is, so it’ll be getting parted out. Things like the engine and shell will be up for grabs, whereas the gearbox and engine management will likely be recycled into future projects.

Speaking of such things, a silver lining of sending off the Trolvo is that it opens the window back up for all the other cars we have.

The 1UZ-swapped Lexcen is back underway, the Barra MX-5 will be getting one last hurrah, we’re trying to get the A-OK to swap that Hemi in our Torana and we also have a new project we’ll be showing you very soon!

So enjoy the last slice of Trolvo content below, and while you reflect on your favourite moment with the car, rest assured there’ll be plenty more Carnage content coming your way soon!