Video: The 1.5JZ Trolvo makes its most power ever!

In this episode of Carnage, our Volvo hits the dyno for the first time with its new 1.5JZ!

Videographers: Matt Hull

If you’ve been watching the more recent episodes of Carnage, you would’ve seen Scotty building a new 1.5JZ (2JZ bottom end, 1JZ head) for our Volvo 240, and in this episode, that combo hits the dyno for the first time – with some awesome results!

In the last episode, Scotty and Carnage cameraman Matty Hull got the freshly built 1.5JZ into the Trolvo and got it fired up. In case you missed it, the basic combo consists of a 2JZ-GE block and crank, along with recycled 2JZ turbo pistons and rods, and our old 1JZ head with all the bolt-ons and Kelford camshafts. You can watch the build series on that engine right here.

This latest episode sees the new engine on the dyno at Maxx Performance, as resident tuner Zane Heath gives the Haltech Elite ECU a tickle to see what power the 1.5JZ is capable of.

The old, tired, stock-bottom-end 1JZ that was previously in the car made a peak of 422rwkW (around 565rwhp), so Scotty’s expectations were high for a much stronger result.

Some stale E85 got in the way during the early process of tuning, but after a good flush and some fresh corn juice fed into the tank, the JZ really started to sing.

So how much power did it make? You’ll have to watch the video to find out, but let’s just say Scotty was pretty rapt with the results.