Video: Toyota 1.5JZ-powered Volvo on the dyno

In this episode of Carnage, the 1.5JZ Volvo comes back to life and makes more power than ever!

Videographers: Matt Hull

Fans of our 1.5JZ-swapped Volvo 240 will know that the last time we had the Swedish brick on your screens, things didn’t quite go to plan.

The Trolvo was out at Heathcote Park Raceway, with Scotty targeting a 9.50-second PB. The car was plagued with traction issues off the line, and then it spat the serpentine belt. That also destroyed the crank trigger wheel, meaning the Volvo had no spark, no juice and no go.

In this episode, Scotty remedies those issues to get the Trolvo up and firing. First, all the timing gear had to come off to get access to the broken trigger wheel, which sits behind the balancer. During the process, we found how badly damaged the timing cover was, but thankfully Scotty had already sourced a replacement.

An aftermarket one-piece billet trigger wheel went on in place of the broken one, along with a new timing belt, as the old one was marred by pieces of broken plastic from the ruined cover.

Once the front was all back together, Scotty kicked the 1.5JZ in the guts and she fired right up. While he was under the bonnet, he’d also wired in a new Haltech 5bar map sensor. We figured this would need some calibration wizardry, so Scotty booked an appointment with Zane Heath on the Maxx Performance dyno.

Once the map sensor was all gravy, the boys went for some power runs. We were low-key hoping to crack the 500kW at the hubs (670hp) mark, but found that at 32psi we’d maxed out the wastegate spring. Still, that 32lb was enough for 494kW (662hp), which should easily see the Trolvo into the 9.50 bracket.

You’ll see that in a future episode, but for now, time to enjoy the latest episode of Carnage!