Video: Testing the new 1.5JZ combo

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty has a bad day out in the Trolvo at the drags

Videographers: Matt Hull

The Trolvo has copped a big love-up in the Carnage workshop in the last couple of months, with Scotty building a new 1.5JZ (2JZ bottom, 1JZ top) engine for it as we shoot for low nines with the Swedish brick.

In this episode, we get to see if there is any fruits of that labour, as Scotty takes the new combo for a run at Heathcote Park Raceway. The car has over 90rwhp more than it did last time, and he planned to gun for even more than that on the day with more boost if things went to plan.

With an untested combo, Scotty wisely went conservative on the first pass with a 20psi max and 4000rpm launch. That was still a bit much it seemed, as the Trolvo kicked up a stink right from the start and spun the tyres the second he let off the transbrake.

Two semi-average attempts later the car had only managed to run a pair of 10.0s, which is well off its peak pace. Some old plugs and a blown intercooler pipe didn’t help those cause, but it was on the last run things got much worse.

The new 1.5JZ decided to eat the serpentine belt, which made a right old mess. While replacing the belts isn’t a dealbreaker, the fact the car lost all spark after that was. Scotty suspected a damaged crank angle sensor from the wayward belts and replacing that is a balancer-off job. We didn’t have the tools or the part to fix it, so it was day done.

You can see the damage Scotty found back in the workshop in the video below post filming this episode, which confirmed the death of the crank angle trigger wheel.

Never fear! Scotty has already ordered all the bits we need to get her fixed up and ready to send once again, which you’ll see in future episodes of Carnage.