Video: Turbo Taxi rides again

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty attempts to take Turbo Taxi racing after a four year hiatus from the drags


In last week’s episode we welcomed the long-awaited return of the OG Carnage machine, Turbo Taxi.

Scotty dusted off the old girl, gave her a little birthday and then headed for a dyno session at Tunnel Vision Turbocharging to make some power. You can watch that episode here.

In today’s instalment, we find Scotty at Heathcote Park Raceway, with high hopes of running that elusive 10-second ET with the Taxi. With over 560rwhp on tap and warm conditions favouring the pressurised LPG system the Falcon uses, it was looking like a good day.

Sadly, it ended almost as quickly as it started. On the first run of the day, the Taxi got off to a good start, before it ended its run in a plume of white smoke towards the deep end of the track.

Scotty shut her down, and still rolled to a 11.6@106mph. Right off the bat his experience told him it was likely the headgasket was to blame, and coolant in the exhaust further pointed towards that theory.

Back in the workshop, Scotty pulled the plugs out of the Barra and used a borrowed borescope camera to give us a look inside the engine. The spark plugs on their own told a pretty solemn story, with cylinder four, five and six all wearing decent battle scars.

The camera didn’t reveal any major damage, but to make sure it’s all gravy the engine will have to be pulled, torn down and gone over to make sure all the damage is fixed. That’s a problem for a future episode, so in the meantime enjoy the latest one below: