Video: Diagnosing Turbo Taxi’s dead engine

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty tears down Turbo Taxi’s Barra after its failure at the track

Videographers: Matt Hull

It’s a new year, but unfortunately not a new narrative for Turbo Taxi, as this episode of Carnage sees Scotty tearing it apart once again with engine failure.

Late last year, Scotty took the Taxi for a run at Heathcote Park Raceway to try and crack that elusive 10-second pass. On its first and only run of the day, the car dumped what appeared to be a huge amount of coolant out of the exhaust at half-track.

It was towed home, and parked in the naughty corner while Scotty turned his attention to the Grimace VS ute and Lexcen wagon. Now, he digs into the Taxi to see what really went wrong, and figure out a game plan for its resurrection.

Before he’d even got the engine out, clues were pretty obvious the cooling system had copped it. A ballooned radiator pointed straight to boost making it into the cooling system, further bolstering Scotty’s view that the headgasket had let go.

Removing the head revealed this was indeed the case. The headgasket failed in a big way on cylinder four, and was very close to doing the same on a neighbouring cylinder.

The head itself is also toast, and we’ll need to get the block decked before we’ll know if that can be re-used. Scotty is also making mentions of aftermarket rods and pistons, so the Taxi may be getting a much spicier engine than it bargained for by the time this goes back together. We will prevail! Enjoy the new episode below: