Video: Turbo Taxi is back!

In this episode of Carnage, the mighty Turbo Taxi finally makes its return!

Videographers: Matt Hull

People have been asking about it, and after a long hiatus we’re pleased to announce that Turbo Taxi is back!

If you’re unfamiliar, Turbo Taxi is the original Carnage car. It’s a genuine ex-Melbourne Taxi we bought cheap as chips the best part of six years ago, with the goal of running 10s on LPG.

Unfortunately, that goal has been somewhat elusive to this point. The Falcon has eaten its fair share of LPG Barra engines, BTR gearboxes and LPG injectors in the pursuit of a 10 second slip. Alas, the closest it has got it an 11.00, and on that particular pass it blew the guts out of the Barra just after the finish line.

After sitting in the naughty corner for some time while we focused on other projects, we figured now was as good a time as ever to bring it back. It has a fresh engine with a set of aftermarket rods and turbo FG pistons, and Scotty gave the car a bit of a birthday before taking it to Jason at Tunnel Vision Turbocharging to run big yellow up on the dyno.

We saw a peak of 560rwhp/480rwkW during the session, with some slight suspicions the turbo may be holding us back now. Regardless, by the time you watch this, the Taxi will be on its way to Heathcote Park Raceway to attempt to run a 10 at Ford vs Holden Nationals this weekend, so wish us luck!

While you wait for that episode, enjoy the latest one below: