Video: The Trolvo sets its quickest time ever!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty finds some scorching new pace in our 1.5JZ-swapped Volvo!

Videographers: Matt Hull

For our latest episode of Carnage, Scotty has a day out in our 1.5JZ-swapped Volvo 240 at Heathcote Park Raceway, as he sets his sights on a new personal best for the car.

The goal was 9.50 or better, with the Trolvo having already run a PB of 9.89@136mph with the old stock-bottom-end 1JZ last year. With a newfound 494rkwW on hand with the freshly built 1.5JZ (2JZ bottom, 1JZ top), Scotty was confident of that mid-nine.

The first pass off the trailer showed the Trolvo was on the right track, rocketing to a 9.85@136mph on a soft 25psi.

That best dropped even further with a second pass that clocked 9.78@140mph. Scotty then upped the boost to the max of 32psi and the launch to 4000rpm, which gave the Trolvo issues getting out of the hole on the next pass.

After a few more dud attempts with wheelspin at the line, the Trolvo finally hooked, and boy, did it hook! With a 1.37-second 60-foot, it shot down the track to the tune of 9.51@141mph.

Although Scotty was stoked with that, the Trolvo saved the best ’til last. The Swedish brick reared right up onto its haunches and hooked down the track to stop the clocks at 9.50@141mph.

The car is now at the point where it would need some proper safety gear installed to go any further, so this may be the last time we see the Trolvo in action before it hits the market. Either way, kick back, grab your brewski of choice and watch Scotty go HAM in the internet’s favourite Volvo.