Video: Building a budget 2JZ – part two

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty continues the build on our budget 2JZ-based engine for the Trolvo

Videographers: Matt Hull

This week’s episode of Carnage sees Scotty continuing our budget engine build for the Trolvo, assembling the bottom end and getting the head on.

For those out of the loop, the stock-bottom-end 1JZ in our ‘Trolvo’ Volvo 240 ate the bearings, so we’re building a 1.5JZ hybrid for it, based around a spare 2JZ-GE VVTi engine we had in stock. We’re throwing a set of factory turbo 2JZ pistons and rods into the GE block and reusing the 1JZ head to create a cheap 1.5JZ.

In a previous episode, Scotty tore down the 2JZ to ensure it was healthy and get it ready for the turbo pistons and rods. Naturally, he used brand-new bearings for both the crank and rods, with ARP rod bolts and main studs as well.

He also appropriately gapped a new set of NPR rings to suit our boost goals, and, importantly, had the oil gallery on the back of the 1JZ head modified by Gerardo at G-Force Race Solutions in Melbourne to suit the 2JZ block. The difference between the two is only minor, but some welding and re-jigging was still needed to make the two marry properly.

In the next episode, Scotty will finish buttoning together the cool new combo, but for now, sit back, crack a coldie and enjoy a fresh episode of Carnage.