Video: Building a budget 1.5JZ – part three

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty finishes putting together our budget-friendly 1.5JZ for the Trolvo

Videographers: Matt Hull

This week’s episode of Carnage sees Scotty finish off the long motor for our 1.5JZ, as he gets it ready to drop into our Volvo 240.

If you watched last week’s episode, you would’ve seen Scotty put together the rotating assembly of the 2JZ and bolt the 1JZ head down.

In this episode, the rest of the engine comes together, as Scotty bolts the beefy Kelford cams back into the 1JZ head and dresses the front of the motor. That meant some fresh timing gear, a reinforced tensioner, new water pump and so on. A Goleby’s heavy-duty oil pump was also used to further upgrade the mill.

With the cam and timing covers back on, all that’s left now is to put the sump on, and she’ll then be ready to drop into the Trolvo. But for now, sit back, relax and enjoy a fresh episode of Carnage to kick-start your weekend.