Video: Scotty bought an AU Falcon!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty introduces his brand new car!

Videographers: Matt Hull

The AU Falcon has done a complete 180 in its public perception since it was launched in the late 90s, going from unloved ugly duckling to the likeable underdog you kind of root for now – so of course we had to get another one!

Scotty happened across this 1998 Forte on a drive home from Unique Cars & Coffee in Dad’s Ute last weekend, and just had to stop for a second look when he spotted the ‘for sale’ sign on the thing. Further investigation found it was a single-family car from new, in ripper condition for less than $2000! You just can’t say no.

It does have 318,000 clicks on the odo, but for an AU that’s just barely broken in. It’s also dual fuel, so it’ll be a perfect long-distance commuter to get Scotty to work and back every day.

The Forte is in amazing condition, with the interior being particularly impressive. It will serve as Scotty’s commuter car, in between stints in test cars. After that, who knows! There are plenty of cool things we could do with the old girl.

So sit back, relax and enjoy Scotty walking us around this marvel of automotive engineering in this bonus episode of Carnage.