Video: Preparing a VG Valiant wagon for sale

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty gets his personal pride and joy ready for sale

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

It’s something we all hate doing, but after much deliberation, Carnage host Scotty Taylor has decided to sell his bright orange, 265 Hemi-powered VG Valiant wagon.

Not to be confused with the other wagon project you’ve seen on the channel (which is an earlier VE Val), this 1970 VG is a car Scotty has owned since the late 90s. He bought it for a measly $250 smackers as a white up-spec Regal wagon, turning it into a real sleeper that prowled the streets chopping WRXs in the early 2000s.

The car has had a bunch of driveline combinations over the years, including a 440 big-block and a turbocharged slant six. Now it possesses a spicy 300hp 265 Hemi inline six, built by and dyno’d by PowerHouse engines in 2014.

Die hard Carnage fans will also remember this car from way back in the very early days of the show, when Scotty and Gus (now SM’s Tik Tok star) roadtripped the thing all the way to Willowbank Raceway from Melbourne for Mopar Sunday in Carnage episode eight. It ran 14.0 at the track and survived the mammoth roadtrip despite a few hiccups along the way.

The wagon hasn’t seen too many miles since then, and with the VE wagon and his Dad’s VE ute already taking up valuable time and money, Scotty has decided to let the VG go to help finance those projects and make sure it gets the love it deserves with a new custodian.

But before he listed it for sale, Scotty wanted to give the orange beast a proper clean-up and a thorough going over to make sure it’s all fine and dandy for the new owner.

So sit back, grab a coldy and watch Scotty break out the Ryobi gear and get this thing cleaned up – and if you’d like to own the wagon, drop Scotty a line on [email protected].