Rust-oleum Motorspray Wagon Part 1 – Carnage Plus episode 45

Scotty and Kian fight the tinworm in a new project Mopar!

Photographers: Nathan Jacobs, Street Machine Archives

THE rigours of time are rarely kind to classic cars, and the Carnage crew’s Rust-oleum Motorspray wagon is no exception.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed the Valiant wagon sitting in the background of previous episodes, in varying states of togetherness. Between a multitude of other projects, Scotty and Kian have found the time to give it some TLC.

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The crusty ‘68 Safari has had a hard fifty years. With two coats of sad-looking paint and an all but absent floorpan, it’s in need of some major metalwork.

Fortunately, our friends at Rust-oleum came through with a full complement of rust repair gear to offer the body a new lease on life. They’ve sorted us out with everything from paint stripper and sanding pads to rust converter and primer.

To get a full understanding of what needs the most attention, the boys first had to strip the car down, removing doors, windows, and hang-on panels. Thankfully, the unsalvageable floor (likely the result of a dodgy aftermarket heater core) proved to be one of few major rust issues.

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After attacking the front guards with a variety of Rustoleum products, the team dropped the Val’s rather agricultural front end in preparation for more counter-rust action.

There’s plenty more to be done before the Safari is restored to its former glory, which you’ll catch in future episodes here and on YouTube.