Video: Fixing Dad’s Ute and hitting the dyno!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty fixes up some niggles on Dad’s Ute before some dyno time


Dad’s Ute makes a return for this episode of Carnage, as Scotty fixes up some niggles and then hits the dyno to get the VE ute ready for another crack down the strip.

Regular viewers will know that in the last episode featuring the 318-powered ute, Scotty shift-kitted the auto, fitted a higher stall converter from TCE and upgraded the valve springs.

While those mods went smoothly, the heavier duty valve springs ended up finding a weak pushrod. Odds are that rod would’ve given way at some point regardless, so as annoying as it was we much preferred it happening at the workshop than at 7000rpm down the drag strip.

This episode kicks off with Scotty replacing the troublesome pushrod, adjusted the rockers and the 318 purred back into life.

Because the small-block Chrysler now also has upgraded ignition thanks to some ProFlow gear from our friends at VPW, Scotty figured it was worth throwing the big Val’ back on the dyno at Maxx Performance for a health checkup.

Zane even gave Scotty the chance to run the dyno himself, and we also get a lesson in how to set up the timing on a dizzy for a small-block Mopar. So sit back, crack a coldie and enjoy another sweet episode of Carnage.