Video: Building Turbo Taxi’s new engine at Dandy Engines!

In this episode of Carnage, we head to Dandy Engines to build a fresh Barra for Turbo Taxi


Long-time fans of Carnage will know that Turbo Taxi, our 11-second, LPG-powered FG Falcon, has a reputation for munching stock-bottom-end Barras. So we’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and do it properly this time, which means forged JE pistons and H-beam rods, but more importantly a visit to Dandy Engines to get the professional touch.

Scotty brought the Dandy team a virgin Barra block and our aftermarket goodies, and we basically sat back and watched in awe as the boys worked their magic. Very different to your typical Carnage slap-together job!

They treated the block to a full line bore, hone and clean, showcasing all the awesome machinery they have at their disposal to get every last detail right.

The boys also took us through some tips and tricks they use for assembling engines in an efficient and effective manner, and they even gave the block a fresh lick of paint!

The champions completely assembled the short block for Scotty with crank, rods and pistons in place, so in a future episode, you’ll see him back in the Carnage workshop to finish building the engine before the boys at Maxx Performance throw it in the Taxi.

But for now, kick back, grab a coldie and watch the wizards at Dandy Engines turn a sorry Barra into a 10-second-capable mill!