Video: Building a budget 2JZ – part one

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty begins building a new heart for the Trolvo

Videographers: Matt Hull

Our 1JZ-swapped Volvo 240 that we’ve dubbed The Trolvo has been a beaut thing, and last year Scotty pushed the Swedish brick into the nines on the stock-bottom-end 1JZ.

While that was awesome, that level of abuse finally took its toll when Scotty performed a routine oil change on the 1JZ and found a sparkly nightmare in the oil. Tearing the engine out and down confirmed our suspicions that this girl had just about had it, with the bearings pretty well cactus.

It’s a bit of a shame, but it also gives us an excuse to go to the next level with the Trolvo, this time with a 2JZ! We’ve had this aspirated 2JZ VVTi sitting at the back of the workshop for a few years now, so we decided to do something with it and make it the base for the new and improved heart for the Trolvo.

These later VVTi aspo 2JZs have bee’s dicks for rods, but luckily Scotty scored some second-hand 2JZ turbo rods and pistons from Gerardo at G-Force Race Solutions. Those will go in with the rebuild, and we’ll also be throwing the 1JZ head from the Trolvo’s old engine onto the 2JZ to create a 1.5JZ. None of our 1JZ manifolds and bolts-ons will suit the 2JZ head, so it makes life a lot easier and cheaper for us to use the old head.

Before any of that can happen, Scotty had to tear down the 2JZ, which is what this episode of Carnage is all about. Thankfully, he didn’t find any nasty surprises during the process, apart from some odd carbon build-up on the pistons.

In the next episode of the 2JZ build series, Scotty will commence rebuilding the bottom end with new bearings, rings and the beefier 2JZ rods and pistons, so keep an eye out for that one dropping soon.