Turbo Taxi engine build problems – Carnage Plus episode 67

We hit more roadblocks with our plan to resurrect Turbo Taxi with a new budget engine


OUR Turbo Taxi revival mission keeps going from bad to worse, this time with yet more engine dramas.

If you’ve followed our exploits, you’ll know we were midway through assembling a new LPG long block for the Taxi. It was going well – until the head studs managed to tear the threads out of the block.

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We asked around and it seems it’s not a known issue to have with Barras, so we made the executive decision to bin that dud block and put the whole bottom end from it into Turbo Taxi’s original block.

In this episode we tear down the dud engine, only to find more dramas. The bearings are in less-than-favourable condition, which also means the crank has enough wear that it’ll need machine work – and we can’t use the Turbo Taxi’s original rotating mass as it spun a bearing many moons ago and the crank has some rust.

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The worst part is that our only spare LPG Barra is a BF variant, and getting that to work in an FG takes more than just a new sump.

Despite budget restrictions, we’ll do our best to keep on pushing to get a new donk into the Taxi, which you can see in future episodes of Carnage.