Our new workshop! – Carnage Plus

We start getting our new dedicated Carnage workshop ready for action


WE’VE been doing the Carnage video series for just over two years now, and in that time we’ve built a bunch of crazy cars and bought even more that you guys haven’t seen yet. As you will have seen in the videos, we’ve borrowed workshop space from a lot of really supportive businesses over the past 24 months, including: MPW Performance, back when we started with the Turbo Taxi and the Mazda MX5.7; Tunnel Vision Turbocharging, who practically built the Taxi in the first place; All Race Fabrications; and Maxx Performance. We’ve even trashed Scotty’s own garage at times.

We’ve also been storing a lot of our cars both at Scotty’s place and our warehouse at Street Machine HQ, and our bosses are constantly on our backs about getting them out. So the most logical thing to do was beg and pray for our own workshop space where we could store and work on all of our crazy creations. Miraculously, they said yes!

Thanks to our new Carnage sponsors Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse and Ryobi Tools, it’s not just going to be an empty block of bricks and mortar either; we’ll be decking it out with all of the best tools and equipment to get our projects going fast – and those projects are about to get even madder.

But before any of that, we had to start with the job that everyone who moves into a new workshop hates – painting the floors. Check out the video to see a tour of our new ’shop and to watch some paint dry!