We get our new workshop equipment – Carnage Plus

We unwrap a whole bunch of goodies for our new workshop


AS SOME of you may know by now, we recently got the keys to our new workshop. So far we’ve painted the floors and given it a little love, and in this episode of Carnage Plus we deck the joint out with a whole bunch of new workshop goodies.

Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse has recently come on board as a new supporter of the show, and as part of that support they’ve provided us with all the equipment Scotty desired to get the new shop up to scratch. Benches, floor jacks, hydraulic presses, sand blasters, cabinets, vices, jack stands – you name it, Hare & Forbes have got it, so chances are we’ve got it too.

Carnage PlusThe guys at Hare & Forbes were even nice enough to send us one of their young guns, Josh, as there was a mountain of gear to put together and only two days to get it ready for the start of our Holden vs Ford $2K Challenge build (coming soon). As expected, it all went together with ease, and within hours we’d turned a barren building into what you could be forgiven for thinking was actually a professional workshop.

While we’ve got 90 per cent of the Hare & Forbes equipment up and running, we’re by no means finished. At the time of typing, we’re getting a neat pair of hoists fitted, and we’ve still got a bunch of Ryobi gear we haven’t got around to using yet. So you can expect to see that and a whole lot more in future episodes of Carnage and Carnage Plus.

A big shout-out to our supporters GraysOnline, Valvoline, Hare & Forbes and Ryobi, who make all this madness possible.