Scotty’s plans for the week (hopefully!) – Carnage Plus episode 55

All things going well, here’s what the Carnage lads will be tackling over the next few days


AS PARTS of our society continue to shut down to combat the spread of the coronavirus, Carnage carries on. Well, for now. There’s plenty to be done at the workshop and beyond, with several cars in varying stages of completion.

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The long-awaited return of Turbo Taxi is now closer than ever, with a fresh green-top Barra ready to accept all of the previous donk’s go-fast goodies. There’s a new factory LPG donk for the MX-5, too, with head studs, upgraded valve springs and oil pump gears ready to handle more boost. A new sump has also been fabricated to replace the old unit, which came to a grisly end on the Maxx Performance dyno.

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A batch of shiny stuff for the L67 (and one bottle of Corona) has also arrived at the workshop, which should help boost – pun intended – the V6’s output considerably. Courtesy of Mace Engineering, there’soodles of gaskets, head studs, an LS1 throttlebody adapter and much more.

Of course, there are several other cars patiently waiting for new or better parts, so check out the video to see what’s in store for the AU, the VN and the rest!

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