Volvo auto and diff mods – Carnage episode 48

Scotty transforms our 1JZ-powered Volvo from a single-pegging wonder into a two-wheel tyre-fryer!


FOR those who came in late: last year we bought an unfinished 1JZ-powered Volvo 240 project as part of a job lot with our Big Block Barina.

Scotty and Kian put a ton of time getting the Volvo up and running, which included fitting a Haltech Elite 2000 ECU, 2JZ terminated harness, dash and ignition module.

They also ditched the factory twin turbo set up in place of one of the GTW3684R turbos supplied by GCG for MX5.7, along with a 45mm Turbosmart wastegate, Aeroflow intercooler and a Goleby’s Parts high-mount exhaust manifold.

After sorting many gremlins (and discovering many lost tools in the Volvo’s nooks and crannies), the boys got it up and running and ready to torch tyres at Street Machine Summernats 33.

The little 1JZ made 490hp at the hubs at Summernats, transforming the staid old Volvo into a very fun car. However, it is being held back by the Toyota auto transmission (which has only been giving us two out of four gears), the stock converter and the single pegger diff.

In this episode, Scotty fits a TCE converter, a valve body and controller from the Toyota-trans specialists at MV Automatics and an Aussie Locker LSD. The latter isn’t actually made in Australia, but despite that, it works like a treat!

Thanks to Hare & Forbes Machinery House, Ryobi and Valvoline for their ongoing support of this madness!