Blown L67 V6 engine start-up – Carnage Plus episode 46

The newest Carnage car sees its first action!


LAST week saw a new addition at the Carnage workshop in the form of a seriously ratty VX Commodore.

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Though the car itself is in a sad state, its saving grace lies with the Eaton-blown L67 V6 tucked between the strut towers. A supercharged motor for $500 is a steal. If it runs, that is.

Before yanking the motor out for a soon-to-be-revealed project, the boys decided to conduct a welfare check on the 20-year-old donk.

So while Scotty dashed to the servo in pursuit of fresh 98 fuel and an oil filter, Kian got to work on installing a temporary radiator and transmission cooler – and made some fun discoveries along the way. Yet another rounded sump plug appeared, prompting Kian to question the logic of applying rattle gun-grade torque in such a place.

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With a radiator hooked up behind a bosozoku-style transmission cooler, Scotty poured some 98 down the spout and hit the (dangling) key.

With the L67 alive and whining, it was time to put the auto and single-spinner diff through its paces. However, a classic reverse-bang manoeuvre proved too much for the tired 4L60. Thankfully, it won’t be needed where the L67 is going.

The gang are just getting started with this motor, so keep your eye out for more action soon!

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