Video: More boost and power for Supermang!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty squeezes some extra power out of Supermang

Videographers: Matt Hull

In this latest episode of Carnage, the development on Supermang continues, as Scotty experiments further with the blower and pulley set-ups to find the little L67’s sweet spot.

In a recent episode, he went through and tidied up a few leaks, and rebuilt the snout of the Eaton M90 blower to get the car ready for more boost.

Last time we raced and dynoed the VN, it had the bigger 8psi pulley on it, so this time Scotty’s gone for the medium-range 10psi pulley. We’re being careful to not simply bolt on the smallest pulley possible in order to avoid blower inefficiency, so Scotty feels the 10psi spinner should be about right.

A session on the dyno at Maxx Performance was then in order to test that theory, and let’s just say that Scotty was very happy with the results. So, kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy another episode of Carnage!