Video: Everything you need to know about the build of Supermang

Scotty gives us the complete build breakdown on our 12-second, L67-swapped VN Berlina


Our L67-swapped VN Berlina dubbed Supermang has quickly become a fan-favourite Carnage project, the red rocket piquing people’s interest with its unusual supercharged V6 combo.

In the last episode of Carnage, Scotty gave the Supermang a run in the Tuff Mounts Holden Nationals at Heathcote Park Raceway, which you can watch here. The car broke into the 12s straight off the trailer and continued to lay down a string of 12-second passes, culminating in a fresh PB of 12.74@107mph.

Because of the continued interest in this oddball project, Scotty decided that for this episode of Carnage, he would sit down and answer all of the burning questions you guys have about the Berlina.

Scotty explains why we chose to go the L67 route in the first place rather than a typical LS or Barra swap, and gives a comprehensive breakdown of all the parts – and, critically, the cost of all those parts, which is something many fans have been asking for.

He also takes a good solid look at the data from the Haltech Platinum Sport GM plug-in ECU we use on Supermang, exploring the benefits and drawbacks of the current set-up on the 3.8-litre mang machine.

While the long-term plan is still to stick our stroker 4.2-litre L67 and a turbocharger into the VN, Scotty may have a plan for one last roll of the dice with the current blower set-up on the SBE L67 to get some more speed out of it before we bid it farewell.

But for now, sit back and grab a coldie and watch Scotty dissect one of our favourite budget projects.