Overnighted parts from Sweden – Carnage Plus EP99

We’ve got some neat new upgrades for our 1JZ Volvo direct from Sweden!


IF you’ve been keeping up to date with the progress of our 1JZ-swapped Volvo 240, you’ll know the car recently went well beyond our expectations by running a 10-second pass with a completely unopened engine.

It did so during testing at King of the Street #6 at Heathcote Park Raceway, with a best of 10.95@124mph. You beauty!

The weekend at KOTS #6 wasn’t without drama, though. We knew that pushing over 340rwkw through the standard Volvo diff was a ticking time bomb, and, sure enough, we snapped an axle in the midst of those 10-second passes on the Friday.

We did manage to score a spare axle and continue on with our racing, but the car’s pace didn’t really improve on the hotter Saturday at KOTS #6. But we’d already achieved a 10, so that was good enough.

With that box ticked, we’ve now pulled the top end of the engine apart to get it ready for some new cams and head studs, which will involve some machine work and expertise from our friends at Powerhouse Engines.

With the car out of action for a little while, we figured now is the perfect time to upgrade the rear end. Scotty got talking with the Volvo wizard’s at GZ Racing in Sweden, and soon after we had a whole load of upgrades ready to shove into that Volvo diff housing.

The boys at GZ Racing sorted us out with a beefy set of rear axles, as well as a new LSD diff centre and all the basics needed to future-proof the rear end.

Once that upgrade is done, we’re hoping to get our head back from Powerhouse Engines so we can slap the Trolvo back together and really turn up the wick.