Trolvo hits the dyno – Carnage episode 63

Our Volvo hits the dyno with some upgrades for more power


LAST time on Carnage, Scotty was only days away from finishing some extensive upgrades on the Trolvo’s fuel system, before a snap lockdown in Victoria forced us back out of the workshop.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long until we could get back on the tools and get the Trolvo ready for King of the Street #6 at Heathcote Park Raceway this weekend.

Along with the new Raceworks surge pot and fuel pumps, Scotty also upgraded the intercooler with a beautiful bolt-in unit from Plazmaman to help keep the intake temps nice and stable.

Raceworks also sent some sensors for the transmission, coolant pressure and a bunch of other vitals so we can keep the Trolvo in good health. Scotty also got rid of the 90s-spec boost tee in favour of an electronic unit that the Haltech Elite 2000 ECU could control as needed, meaning we could ramp up the boost in the 1JZ without a visit from Rodney.

Zane Heath from Maxx Performance was then given the job of feeding the Trolvo more boost and fuel on his brand new hub dyno, returning a peak figure of 346rwkW@6300rpm on 25psi.

Now the real task is for Scotty to get a good number out of this brick down the quarter this weekend at Heathcote. He’s openly confident of walking away with a 10-second timeslip – but you’ll have to wait for the next episode of Carnage to find out.