Our AU XR6 Falcon plans and more – Carnage Plus episode 34

We asked what we should do with our $2K Challenge AU XR6 Falcon and the answer was drift it!


THE much-maligned AU Falcon has developed a bit of a cult following in recent years, and while Bubba’s plastic-powered VT Calais gave our AU a bit of a rogering in the Carnage $2K Challenge, there’s little doubt that the Falcon was the fan favourite. So, what shall become of the car?

Scotty was keen to fit up a six-speed auto from a later-model Falcon and further explore the car’s merit as a straight-liner, but the overwhelming opinion from Carnage viewers was that you wanted to see the car take up a new existence as a drift pig. Ask, and you shall receive – Scotty is preparing to set the car up for sideways action.

In other news, we’ve just received a care package from the champions at Haltech, which should see the popular Trolvo build gain some momentum. We’re talking an Elite 2000 ECU, ignition module, and pre-terminated wiring loom.

Edelbrock has also supplied a cam, heads and intake package designed to wake up a small-block Chrysler V8. Scotty intends to throw it at a 318-cuber for his dad’s old ute, angling for 400hp and 12-second quarters.

We’ve got plenty of exciting projects on the go at the moment, and you’ll see all of them on a future episode of Carnage!