How to convert to a Barra ECU – Carnage Plus episode 27

We show you the process of throwing a Barra ECU on a SOHC Ford


WITH the Carnage $2K Challenge heating up, Scotty decided to take a closer look at what’s involved in making a Barra ECU communicate with the AU XR6 Falcon’s older Ford SOHC donk.

During the build stage of the Ford team’s turbo XR6, the brain of an FG Falcon was chosen for its superior tuneability over the factory AU unit.

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Bill Hooton of Everything Barra has become a go-to man for swaps like these, with a great knowledge base on ECUs and wiring looms in particular. He crafted the AU’s new loom; impressively, it got the car going on the first turn of the key.

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In this episode, Bill takes Scotty through some of the finer points of the ECU swap, including mating up pedals and choosing a suitable throttlebody. The pair also discuss using an AU coil to clean up Scotty’s jerry-rigged coil-on-plug set-up.

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Both the Ford and Holden teams are building towards a no-holds-barred showdown on the track, so stay tuned for the next episode of Carnage, coming soon!