Our turbocharged AU Falcon is for sale! – Carnage Plus episode 92

Our turbocharged XR6 AU Falcon from the Carnage $2K Challenge is up for grabs!


YEP, you read that correctly. For the first time ever, we’re offering one of our Carnage projects for sale to the public: the fan-favourite, 350rwkW AU XR6 Falcon from our Ford vs Holden $2K Challenge.

We bought the AU around two years ago at auction, before throwing a budget turbo system on it to battle Bubba Medlyn and his crew in a V8 VT Calais. You can watch the full video series where we buy, build and race both cars here.

The car was a riot, but the sad reality is that we haven’t touched the thing since we wrapped shooting on the $2K challenge nearly two years ago. So with heavy hearts, we’ve decided to free up some space in the workshop by moving the car on, which means you could own it!

It’s a 1999 Series I AU XR6 running the optional VCT motor and IRS rear end, along with the original five-speed manual ’box and a heavy-duty Xtreme clutch. The suspension and brakes are all standard and the engine is still completely untouched.

We threw a super-simple turbo kit on it using a rare AIT exhaust manifold, FG Falcon turbo, FG Falcon Barra ECU and throttle pedal, and a custom wiring harness. It also has upgraded Raceworks injectors, a high-flow fuel pump and a front-mount intercooler with custom piping.

The car made a stonking 350rwkW on E85 thanks to some ECU tuning from Zane at Maxx Performance, and other than a flywheel coming loose, it survived everything we threw at it during the $2K Challenge with no dramas.

It’s a super-solid car, perfect for someone looking for a budget track hack, or it could easily be cleaned up with a bit of love and turned into a mad sleeper.

We’re auctioning the thing off on eBay starting today, with a starting price of $3500 and no reserve. So if you want to own this stunning piece of YouTube history, get bidding!