GraysOnline Classic Car Auction preview – Carnage Plus episode 39

The cream of the crop up for auction at GraysOnline this month


IT SEEMS as though every time we pop down to GraysOnline to check out a new field of classic cars up for auction, the line-up gets bigger and bigger – and this month is no exception.

While the field of classic Aussie metal is thicker than ever, we’re now seeing more exotic rides hitting the block as well, notably this month a Lotus Esprit Turbo and a four-seater Ferrari Mondial.

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Chrome-bumpered Aussie stuff comes in the flavour of a tasty VC Valiant, an XB sedan and XA GT coupe, a nice Brougham sedan and a very desirable pair of first-gen Monaros.

If plastic fantastic is more your fancy, then there’s plenty to choose from. Scotty took a particular liking to a very tidy pair of EA and EB Falcons, as well as a VN V6 Berlina and a supercharged VZ HSV GTO coupe. Add in a VS HSV Senator, BA FPV GT-P, EF XR8 sedan and a manual AU XR8 ute and there’s plenty of up-and-coming classics to choose from. We might even need to convince Telfo to let us buy a couple for future projects!

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If any of these tickle your fancy, some are still up for auction on GraysOnline, so head over to their website and get bidding!