Driving a blown, methanol ’57 Chev – Carnage Plus episode 28

We head down to the GraysOnline auction house to check out some seriously cool cars in this month’s classic car auction


WHEN we saw that this killer ’57 Chev was hitting the auction block this month at GraysOnline, we all sat in the Street Machine offices with drool covering our keyboards. So you can only imagine our excitement levels when the GraysOnline staff called to say that not only could we come down and check it out, but also have steer!

Now, in an ideal world we would’ve taken the thing out on the street for a little burl to fully experience it, but with random wet weather posing a serious threat to both the safety of ourselves and the ’57, we decided to play it safe and stick to the car park. Still, what a machine!

1957 ChevWe also checked out a bunch of other wicked metal hitting the block this month, including a killer GMC bus (which we’re trying to bully Telfo into letting us buy), some cool old VN Commodores, an XT Falcon wagon, a couple of rotary Mazdas, a completely rusted-out Mustang convertible, a VT LS1 ClubSport, a very Carnage-friendly ’55 Chevy sedan and loads more.

The GraysOnline auctions have been a happy hunting ground for us thus far; we scored our Mr Dodgey 1963 Dodge Phoenix super-cheap that way, before securing both our AU Falcon and VT Calais $2K Challenge cars for chump change.

The bidding for this month’s classic auction opens on Friday and closes just a week later, so if you’d like to take home one of these beauties, make sure you head to graysonline.com and get bidding! Who knows maybe we’ll walk away with yet another Carnage project car!