Big Brock Collection up for auction and more! – Carnage Plus EP36 – Video

We check out the bumper crop of classic metal up for auction this month at GraysOnline


Whether you’re a keen Brocky fan or just a lover of classic cars, this month’s classic car auction at GraysOnline has something to cater to just about any flavour.

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Spearheading the line-up is a crop of genuine and replica Brock cars, including the VR Commodore he used to race in the Repco Reliability Trial. If you’re a fan of the rally-spec Brock machines, there’s also a neat and very convincing VC Commodore replica wearing the older Marlboro colours up for auction.

A clone of the bare-bones Austin 7 Brocky used to bash around the paddock as a kid is also hitting the block, having featured in the Brock TV miniseries a few years ago. What isn’t a replica is the HT Monaro that Brock drove to third place at Bathurst in 1969 with Des West, but that isn’t included as part of the auction this month. There’s no doubt the bidding will be Africa-hot for this thing when it does hit the block.

There’s Torana’s aplenty, with four to choose from – two LX hatchbacks, a true survivor LH SL/R and a super sedans LJ with a 5.0L V8 buried in the firewall.

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If you’re not a fan of the Holden stuff, then don’t fear! There’s a very tasty selection of Henrys as well, including a time-warp XB Falcon GS coupe and a XW GTHO Phase 1. If you’re after more of a project, there’s also an XY Falcon sedan in desperate need of some love and a burbling V8.

All this and a bunch more is up for auction right now, so head to and get bidding!