Diagnosing our AU Falcon – Carnage Plus episode 29

We do a bit of a post-mortem on the AU Falcon to find out what went wrong during part four of the $2K Challenge

Photographers: Shaun Tanner

IF YOU saw part four of our Holden vs Ford $2K Challenge, you’ll know that the drag racing part of the competition didn’t quite go to plan for either team.

After running a low 12 at Heathcote on the first weekend, the Holden broke two driveshafts at Calder Park the following weekend and failed to make a complete pass. The AU only seemed to be suffering from its manual ’box handicap during the drags, until the last run of the day at Calder when the car came back with some seriously worrying engine or bellhousing noise.

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Thinking they may have hurt the engine, Team AU compression-tested the mill to find that cylinders four and five were somewhat down on compression compared to the others. However, before going to the effort of sourcing a new donk, Scotty decided to listen to the internet heroes (for once) and see if the suspect noise was just a loose flywheel.

A quick gearbox removal found that the internet was indeed right (huzzah!), so a set of ARP bolts, Loctite and many ugga-duggas later, the AU was ready to ride once again.

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To cap off the episode, we head down to Maxx Performance to check out some of the awesome machines they’ve been tinkering with, and Scotty previews what you can expect on your screens in the next couple of weeks of Carnage content.

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