Trolvo 1JZ-powered Volvo 240 – Carnage Plus episode 42

Scotty looks into the Swedish brick’s woes, and the results are concerning


IN THE last episode of Carnage proper, we finally ran the Trolvo on Maxx Performance’s dyno, to disappointing results. With zilch apparent boost generated by the 1JZ’s pair of snails, the 2.5-litre six yielded just 84hp at the wheels.

If you’re late to the party, we are of course referring to our 1983 Volvo 240 that hides a Toyota 1JZ donk, pillaged from a Soarer by its previous owner. We nabbed the car as a cheap but seriously unfinished project, and have now been chasing power for almost six months.

It took plenty of busted knuckles to even get the car running, so it was something of a disappointment to get back such an anaemic power figure. However, Scotty has always wanted to turf the limited twin-turbo set-up in favour of a bigger single. With the factory twins looking increasingly sketchy, the decision seems inevitable.

As Scotty began to diag nose what exactly is wrong with our friendly Japanese powerplant, he discovered the dreaded ‘milkshake’. Typically indicative of a fried head gasket, the delicious water-and-oil mix warranted further investigation.

Compression and leak-down tests revealed major problems on cylinder number five, confirming a bad gasket. Thankfully, the oil-water mix that was drained from the sump was free of particulate.

Single-turbo goodies are on the way, so stay tuned for boosted Volvo action soon!