Highlights action from the burnout finals at the 2017 Red CentreNATS

Videographers: Peter Flint

IT IS NO secret that the burnout finals at Red CentreNATS were marred by a serious fire that resulted in 14 spectators being injured, some quite seriously.

Immediately after the accident, the remainder of the regular competition and also the Burnout Masters finals were cancelled so that all resources could be directed to helping the injured. Our thoughts are with everyone who was impacted, especially those who still have a long road to recovery.

The incident happened with only one car left to run in the finals of the regular comp, so the organisers were able to declare the results, with Scott Yates in YATESZ in the top spot, followed by Jay Bloss in GEMWAR and Ben Falk in FALKY coming third.

Matt Purnell in BLACKOUT was declared the Burnout Masters winner on the basis of his qualifying performance, with Steve Nogas in KILLA-B in second and Rick Fuller in LSONE third.

The three Golden Tickets to the Street Machine Summernats 31 Burnout Masters showdown went to Gary Myers in AGROXA, Craig Hawke in MONGREL and Jason Sweet in TERIFRY.

Check out the video for some tyre-shredding finals action from RCN.