Burnout Championship finals at Summernats 36

Chris Smallmon in BLWNVY wins the Summernats 36 Burnout Championship

Photographers: Ashleigh Wilson, Michelle Porobic

The fourth and final day of Street Machine Summernats 36 climaxed with 40 Burnout Championship contenders taking turns to violate the skid pad in a last-chance effort to win the crown.

After a hectic afternoon of back-to-back skids, Chris Smallmon in his blown Commodore, BLWNVY, emerged victorious and was crowned the Burnout Champion for ’Nats 36. Runner-up went to Steve Edsall in SKDUTE, while Paul Cook’s GRUMP Corolla took third place. All three secured spots in the Burnout Masters at Summernats 37, joining the line-up of Australia’s toughest skid cars.

There were plenty of other notable performances, too. Rather than performing the typical tip-in, Daniel Battersby threw LSDAT in a full circle before he’d even exited the entry chute! As he turned the Datsun around at the other end of the pad, a trail of flames spat from the tyres and trailed behind him, much to the crowd’s delight.

Mathew Watts steered his BLO UP Corolla quickly across the pad before the red flag went up and fire crews ended his run.

Billowing clouds of blue smoke trailed behind Craig Meston as he threw PINKY across the pad to a cheering crowd, whose limiter fingers wagged in approval.

Jesse Johnson was also on song in the KILLA K Calais, wrapping up a great weekend of skids.