Red CentreNATS Burnout Masters Finals 2018

Red CentreNATS Burnout Masters Finals 2018

Videographers: Aiden Taylor, Nathan Jacobs

THE Red CentreNATS Burnout Masters finals went down today in Alice Springs, in front of a great crowd at Alice Springs Dragway.

1st Frank Paesel RUB1OUT
2nd Tim Barby MOJO
3rd Dylan Kibblewhite WANKER
4th Jay Chin Tie TDY 02
5th Sean Basford SKIDRAGIN
6th Daniel Andre TWISTED
7th Aaron Strauss TRBLMKR
8th Graham Rowe GAMBLE
9th Sam Davey DAMAGE
10th Harley Davis SO TOEY

Congrats to the top ten and to everyone who made the effort to bring a car from near and far to entertain the crowd. Champions, all!