We chat to Paul Cook, driver of the BLWNVC Commodore burnout car


DURING the week, Paul runs a Melbourne-based earthmoving company, but on weekends he moves the earth with BLWNVC, his ’81 Commodore armed with a 16/71-blown, 532-cube big-block

 “WHAT we are doing with these engines is so far outside the automotive guidelines, it’s astronomical. John Pilla at Powerhouse Engines does a good job to get them to last like they do! I’ve had some bad luck with some engine combos and spent a lot of money staying in the sport, but I wouldn’t do anything else.

 A big draw for me is the social network – all the burnout guys are good mates, we speak week to week, it’s like a family. There was a period last year where I did seven events in eight weeks and it was the best fun in the world!

 We travelled everywhere, from Sydney to Brisbane to Cairns to WA. It was the best road trip I’ve done, maybe because the car ran solid the whole time. But as the burnouts get bigger, I want to get out and experience new places like New Zealand or Tassie. I just want to skid everywhere.”

 Driver: Paul Cook
Car: BLWNVC, 1981 Holden VC Commodore
Engine: 532ci Dart Big M big-block, 16/71 Littlefield blower