There’s plenty of surprises among the entrants in the Summernats 30 Burnout Masters Wildcard Shootout!


THIS year’s Street Machine Summernats 30 Burnout Masters Wildcard Shootout is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and hotly contested comps in years. The line-up of ballistic cars and drivers is like nothing we’ve ever seen, encompassing former legends, Kiwi competitors, heavy-hitting newcomers and current top-level burnout beasts.

Toyota Corolla V8 Burnout YLDTOYTHE LEGENDS

TO CELEBRATE the 30th anniversary of Summernats, a bunch of former legends have been invited to enter their old skid weapons and duke it out with the best of the new-generation burnout competitors. And don’t worry, it won’t be like bringing a knife to a gunfight, because the old boys have been working to bring their skid rigs into the 21st century, with more horsepower than ever before.

Holden Statesman Blown Burnout BIGV8Among the legends entered are Chris Christou with HO775, Mark Dall’Acqua (DMT351), Mark Yardy (YUMMY), Tony De Oliveira (TOY302) and Leroy Rees (B1GV8). Could one of these past Summernats heroes get the call up to the Burnout Masters comp and take home the crown once again? We’ll find out when they put rubber to the road on Thursday at Summernats in the Wildcard Shootout. They’ll have to get through some stiff competition.

Mazda RX7 V8 Blown BurnoutTHE KIWIS

THE Kiwis are invading, and they’re packing heat. They’re bringing their biggest and best blown burnout monsters out to play at the Summernats pad, with the aim of beating us Aussies at our own game. There’ll be no time for fush and chups on this trip, it’ll be non-stop tyre destruction, and when the smoke settles we could have our first international Burnout Master.

Holden HZ Ute Blown BurnoutThe Kiwi entrants include Liz Gracie (EV1L69), Ricky Ireland (ENVEED), Ian Smith (SAMBO), Braden Smith (HAUNT U) and Shane Donaldson (LOLIFE). The guys have already contested Tread Cemetery and proven they’re a force to be reckoned with – can they steal the show away on the main stage?


WE’LL also see a bunch of car-and-driver combos new to the scene at the Summernats 30 Wildcard Shootout. These guys have got the gear, but do they have the skills and the experience behind the wheel to take it to some of the best in the business?

Ford Capri Blown Burnout MADSAMLong-time burnout legend Peter Grmusa will be skidding his crazy new farm hack skid ute, F-DIS, while Summernats regular Chris Genter will have his revamped FROM HELL Commodore on the pad. For these boys, it ain’t their first rodeo, but for guys like Sam Surace (MADSAM), Craig Whiddett (MUTINY) and Craig Craft (SIKEST), the pressure will be on to perform.

Chevelle Blown Burnout 1FATRATTHE BIG GUNS

THESE guys have been in the scene for years, and will be bringing some of the baddest machinery in the business. They’ve been to countless skid comps throughout the year and their cars are tried and proven to work; that’s why they’ve been hand-picked to take on this new wave of challengers.

VF Commodore Ute Blown Burnout UNWANTEDThey include Dave Cufone (1FATRAT), Jono Kelly (3FIVE5), Paul Cook (BLWNVC), Matt James (UNWANTED), Justine Mott (GEMSKID) and Anthony Page (PAGEY). These are the guys with the most to lose here, so they’ll be fiercely competitive and keen to put on a killer show.

VC Commodore Blown Burnout BLWNVCIT ALL kicks off on Thursday afternoon, with the Last Chance Wildcard Shootout burnouts. The Summernats burnout pad is going to be the place to be, so make sure you don’t miss what is shaping up to the most fiercely competitive Last Chance Shootout in years!