NUTTR Blows The Supercharger Off During 10,000rpm Burnout – Video

George Separovich's NUTTR VF Commodore blows the PSI supercharged off during 10,000rpm burnout at Gazzanats WA

Videographers: Peter Flint

WEST Australian engine builder George Separovich from Blown Motorsports has recently got back into the burnout scene with his new VF Commodore, NUTTR. The car packs a screaming small-block Chev topped with a giant PSI supercharger and injection hat. This is currently one of the craziest engine combos on the scene due to the insane rpm it’s capable of pulling.

We saw the car at Motorvation 32 a few weeks ago, where it blew everyone away until a timing issue stopped it on the pad mid-burnout. George got that sorted out and took the car to Gazzanats WA at the Collie Motorplex last weekend, and boy did he put on a show!

During his first burnout on Friday night, George’s VF saw 10,057rpm – yep, ten thousand! The car sounded absolutely wild and, impressively, it was able to hang around those sorts of revs for a whole burnout without any issues.

 However, during the next round things didn’t quite go according to plan. After such a strong performance on Friday, George decided to rev it a little harder and saw in excess of 10,500rpm during some parts of the skid – as you’ll hear in the video, it sounds like nothing else.

‘After the tyres popped the mechanical fuel pump stopped working, and while the revs were still climbing, fuel pressure was dropping, which caused the blower to lift off the engine. The blower studs did their job and there was no damage to any of the internals. New studs, fuel pump and blower belt and NUTTR will be fixed up and ready to skid again’ George wrote on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile Matt James continued to clean up, claiming first place at Gazzanats in his COMPACT Fairlane, and second place in his UNWANTED VF Commodore ute! Dean Irvine came third in BLOWN VK, scoring a Summernats 32 Burnout Masters ticket, while the second golden ticket went to fourth-placed Darryl Ferguson in SMOKINRAT, as Matt James already has a Masters place from winning the ’Nats 31 Masters.


1st Matt James – COMPACT
2nd Matt James – UNWANTED
3rd Dean Irvine – BLOWN VK (Masters ticket)
4th Darryl Ferguson – SMOKNRAT(Masters ticket)
5th Wayne Daw – SLYLUX