Bruce Garland Leyland P76 kickstart part two – Video

In part two of Bruce Garland's Leyland P76 restoration, the V8 rumbles back into life


Street Machine’s Classic Car Hunter Glenn Torrens has teamed up with legendary off-road racer Bruce Garland to bring a Leyland P76 back to life. Our friends over at Unique Cars magazine have been documenting the restoration and so far GT and Bruce have looked at the wheels, tyres, suspension and brakes.

WATCH: Bruce Garland Leyland P76 resto part one

This car has been sitting near Alice Springs since 1982 and while it might look old and tired, given it hasn’t been driven for over thirty years, it only has 16,000 miles on the clock. This particular car is fitted with the 4.4-litre V8 and four-speed manual gearbox, so it’s definitely worth saving.

In part two of the series Bruce and GT work to get the car up and running once again. That meant changing engine, gearbox and diff fluid, checking the motor for compression and repairing the starter motor which had fell crook at some point during its life. Having spent a few years deteriorating in the outback, a few rubber fittings in the fuel system had become leaky and also needed replacing.

With everything looking good it was time to fire it up. With a turn of the screw driver in the ignition barrel and a little throttle it came straight into life and Bruce and GT were able to take it on its first cruise in over thirty years – it was only fair they cut a few circles on the wet grass!