Bruce Garland restores Leyland P76 – Video

Legendary off-road racer Bruce Garland restores an original Leyland P76 with our Classic Car Hunter Glenn Torrens


OUR good mate Glenn Torrens from our sister mag Unique Cars has produced a cool two-part video with legendary off-road racer Bruce Garland, aiming to bring an original 1973 Leyland P76 back to its former glory. The car has been sitting unused in Alice Springs since 1982!

In the videos, the pair take us through the process, and cover off the dos and don’ts that you need to consider when you’re returning a car to the road that hasn’t been driven in decades. It makes for some good viewing.

This particular P76 is fitted with the factory 4.4L V8 and four speed manual ‘box, and with just 18,000 made and only 16,000 miles on the clock, it’s a specimen worth saving.

Bruce is an off-road racing specialist, tackling the likes of the Dakar Rally, Australian Safari and the WRC Rally Australia. But racing isn’t without its dangers, and a crash during the 2011 Dakar Rally resulted in Bruce suffering a broken back and a heart attack at the wheel. Months of recuperation only resulted in another heart attack and a quintuple bypass operation. Not fun.