Sneak peek: Street Machine October 2023

Let's dive in between the covers of the October 2023 edition of the world's greatest car mag!


The October 2023 mag is out now and it is crammed with goodness!

On the cover is Dan Morton’s FORGED XY Fairmont, the car that scooped the pool at this year’s Meguiar’s MotorEx. The sheer audacity and execution of the build are wonders to behold, yet Dan has always intended the XY to be a driver. In fact, he’s planning to give it the berries in the Grand Champion chase at Street Machine Summernats 2024.

Photographer Chris Thorogood, art guru Povi Pullinen and the boys from Pat’s Pro Restos threw the kitchen sink into FORGED’s photoshoot, ennsuring that they not only delivered an instant-classic cover, but also did justice to as many of the incredible details to be found throughout the car.

John Moy’s FC ute is a rippper, combining modern Toyota 1JZ six-pot muscle with lashings of 50s Holden styling and a fat stance.

From WA, we have the reigning Motorvation Grand Champion in the form of Mitchell Rando’s 1969 Camaro. It’s a ripper pro touring build, boasting an angry aspirated LS build, big Wilwood stoppers, a Heidt’s front subrame and Detroit Speed & Engineering rear end. A streeter that stops, hauls and goes around corners? We love to see it.

We spied Kylie Garrett’s 1968 Mustang fastback when it was unveiled at Street Machine Summernats 34. The Muzzy features a Paxton-blown Windsor, thoroughly upgraded underpinnings, a sweet custom interior and cleverly reshaped body bathed in Super Deep Black duco.

G-Pak Toranas were’nt much to get excited about back in the 70s, but today they are highly prized for their wild colours and stripe work. Les Gulan’s example is packing a whole lot more grunt than the stock 202 ever could have dreamed of, thanks to a Harrop-blown LS1 conversion. Big inch Simmons, killer bodywork and a half-cage give this G-Pak attitude to burn.

It is no secret that we love a boxy Volvo stuffed full of grunt and Sash Avraamoski’s 242 GT is one of our favourites. Not only does it boast the rarely-seen two-door body, but we’ve got a built LS2 nestled in the engine bay, complete with a Garret GTX 45 turbo bolted to the side.

Cam Riley’s POP202 VK Commodore is one of the coolest cars on the radial scene, running into the sixes on a 235 radail! It is a fascinating combination, involving some of the best in the business.

Tech-wise, our man Iain ‘Marv’ Kelly digs deep into the current state of the art for bolt-on Barra builds.

In Time Machine, Glenn Torrens looks back at the builds of two famous Street Machine project cars – the Wild Child WB Holden ute and the two-door Sony Scorcher EA Ford Falcon.

Show wise, we check out Red CentreNATS #9 from Alice Springs and World Time Attack Challenge from Sydney Motorsport Park. You probably couldn’t have two more different events happening on the same weekend, but they were both absolute rippers.

Plus, we check out Ricc Pontonio’s crazy Mercedes Benz wagon sleeper build, get a preview on the turbo 1UZ V8 going into the Carnage Lexcen and get aquainted with Jay Jorensen’s brutally fast HK Kingswood streeter.