New street machine gear

We check out some cool new gear for your street machine


Turbo dump pipe trim rings

SIDE-exit exhausts are all the rage at the track these days, with turbo guys in particular running dump pipes down through their front guards or bumpers in race trim to maximise performance. Those parts of the car then need reinforcing to handle a hot exhaust, so the crew at Muscle Garage now offer a cheap and easy solution. Their turbo dump pipe trim rings are available in pairs, in diameters ranging from 2.5 inches to 5.5 inches, and are made from laser-cut, mirror-finish stainless. The kit even includes all the alloy pop rivets needed for a super-easy installation. They’re available now at

Ryobi cordless power file

FILING down metal can be a real stress on the ol’ forearms, but sometimes an angle grinder just isn’t suited to the delicate jobs. Enter Ryobi’s cordless power file, another killer edition to the growing 18V ONE+ range. The power file uses sandpaper rotating on a long arm, and comes with a speed adjustment dial to suit any job. We’ve used ours a bunch in the Carnage workshop, and it’s a handy piece of kit to prep surfaces for welding or grind down the fiddly jobs. You can find out more at

Wireless air/fuel meter kits

MONITORING your air/fuel ratio on the fly is important for any modified machine, and now you can do it via your smartphone with a FAST wireless air/fuel meter kit. All the health signs can be viewed through the FAST app, beamed directly via Bluetooth. It’s capable of reading from single- or dual-sensor set-ups, and comes pre-loaded for a variety of unleaded, ethanol and diesel-blend reference maps. The kit comes complete with two oxygen sensors, the under-dash Bluetooth module and all the wiring needed. A separate module also allows you to have an rpm-activated window switch; a lean air/fuel ratio safety cut-off; or an anti-theft feature to stop a five-finger discount on your car. You can find out more at

LED under-bonnet light

BEING able to see what you’re doing in your engine bay while you’re smashing knuckles can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have daylight on your side. Big LED lights are the fix for this, and Wurth offers a killer under-bonnet light fit for duty. It uses hooked ends that rotate 360 degrees to clamp onto either side of your bonnet, protected with foam to avoid scratching. It’ll span between 110-180cm to suit just about any bonnet, with two different lighting levels available from the 1000-lumen miniature sun beamed from 32 LED lights. Run time is between three and six hours, with a quick recharge time. They’re available now at


FUELTECH’S new FT600 combines the ECU and dash into one super-handy unit. With a seemingly endless number of outputs and inputs available, the FT600 ECU really can do it all. For racers looking to monitor an ever-increasing number of sensors and looking for every pound of weight saving, it will be hard to look past the FT600 to deliver the goods. You find out more from the folks at Speed Pro on (03) 9794 5177 or by visiting

Trunnion kits

UPGRADING the cam in your LS is a great way to get some more chop, but a stick upgrade can cause other parts to pack it in, particularly in the valvetrain. Stock LS rocker arms are known to fail in stock form, especially with more load from a bigger stick. These high-strength trunnion kits from Performance Wholesale are the solution, with a premium proprietary bushing to replace the stock pieces for increased strength. Dedicated oil fill channels in two positions on the upgraded trunnions provide a constant supply of oil to ensure proper lubrication. They’re an ideal upgrade for any angry LS, and you can grab some now from Performance Wholesale on (07) 3808 1986, [email protected] or

Commodore trim

WITH plastic-bumpered machines now well and truly making their case for classic car status alongside their chrome forefathers, the wizards at Rare Spares are working overtime to keep all bases covered. They’ve started concocting a bunch of new trim gear for early Commodores, including these brand new scuff plates. The plate set includes all four pieces for the front and rear, to suit earlier VB-VL Commodores. Given the scuff plates often cop a hammering, brand new items should make your next resto project much easier. They’ll be available soon, so to find out more head to