MotorEx Superstars qualifiers for 2025 and Ringbrothers’ Choice

Presenting the Ringbrothers' Choice award for MotorEx 2024!


Special guests at Meguiar’s MotorEx 2024, Mike and Jim Ring of Ringbrothers fame, are at the cutting edge of global car crafting. A key component of their responsibilities at MotorEx was choosing their personal favourite car to award with a bespoke trophy. With quality street machines everywhere you look at the event, owning the one singled out by the brothers is the highest of honours.

After perusing the horde of killer cars at MotorEx and carefully deliberating, they landed on Jason Sandner’s gorgeous 378ci alloy Donovan small-block powered pro touring Torana.

“It’s probably the pinnacle of all awards, I think; for me and Tania it sort of outshines everything else,” said Jason. “It still hasn’t sunk in, and I’m speechless. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of to be totally honest.”

Having been unveiled at Street Machine Summernats 26 way back in 2013 and scoring a feature in the November 2018 issue of SM, the car has been doing the rounds for over a decade. But Jason and Tania have been chipping away at the car to keep it current.

“It’s been in a state of constant evolution,” said Jason. “Things really ramped up when Peter Fitzpatrick and Robbie Gardner came on board. I asked them for a bit of advice on where improvements could be made and they helped us a lot, because when it’s your car, you think it’s the best. So to bring them on, ask for their opinion and accept that opinion and not be offended by it, that’s how the car went up another notch.”

All that hard work certainly caught the eye of Mike and Jim Ring, and Jason couldn’t be prouder. “I’ve followed their work from the very beginning; I’m big on what happens in America and Ringbrothers are trend setters,” said Jason. “The car was built in my little workshop in Queanbeyan, which is a place they haven’t even heard of before. So for them to acknowledge our workmanship is a big achievement.”


Ron Barclay, Blue 1067 Chevrolet 1967
Adam Bickerstaff, Green/ Envy 1956 Ford F100
Ross Gangemi, Red 1965 Ford Mustang
Bob Grambau, Black 1933 Hot Rod Coupe
Jordan Lord, House of Kolour Candy Green 1974 Holden HQ premier
Cameron Waters, Purple 1974 Ford XB