Video: The Trolvo chokes on the dyno

In this episode of Carnage, the Trolvo’s dyno session with its new turbo doesn’t quite go to plan

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

As most will know, supporting mod are a big part of making sure all your modifications are working in harmony and getting the best out of each other.

This episode of Carnage shows how important that is, as the Trolvo’s latest dyno session doesn’t quite go to plan. For those out of the loop, we recently upgraded the turbo on the stock bottom end 1JZ in our Volvo 240 to a bigger and much more capable Pulsar G35 1050, which we sourced through VPW Australia.

In the last episode, Scotty installed the new hairdryer in a fairly easy bolt-on affair, so this episode takes us straight to the dyno at Maxx Performance to see how it performs.

At first things looked good. The Trolvo sounded stronger than ever and it was clear the new turbo was moving a lot more air than the old unit.

However, once Maxx toona Zane Heath edged up to 22psi it was becoming apparent that the exhaust was choking the new turbo. Maxx Performance made the Trolvo’s awesome three-inch turbo-back system for us way back when we first got the car running for Street Machine Summernats with the old turbo, and with that combo it worked really well. However, with the new turbo it seemed three inches just wasn’t enough room for the new war whistle to breathe properly.

The quickest way to test the theory was to drop the exhaust off. Scotty got under the car, yanked the majority of the system and then cut the dump pipe to a short enough length to stop the chokeage without losing the Haltech wideband sensor that’s bunged into the dump at the bottom of the firewall.

The effect was immediate, with the Trolvo quickly spiking to 27psi very early in the first pull with no exhaust, when it was previously choking up on 22psi with the system in place.

It was then we decided to throw the towel in on this dyno session. Why, you ask? Because there’s no point spending hours setting up a new tune on a cut-up three-inch dump pipe, as we plan on upgrading that to a four-inch deal to future-proof the exhaust.

So you can expect to see a new, bigger exhaust going on the Trolvo and a return to the dyno in a future episode of Carnage, and then we’ll be ready to hit the track and chase a nine-second time slip!