New street machine gear: Godzilla crate-motor, LSA intake, Bandit sump, Haltech dash + more

We check out some new gear on the market for your street machine



Everyone’s been asking how they can get their hands on Ford’s monster 7.3-litre Godzilla crate motor nicked from the current F250, and now the boys in Melbourne at Speed Pro Distributors have some good news. They’ve just announced that they now stock Ford’s new pushrod goliath, which is music to our ears. Although the Godzilla makes 430hp in standard aspo trim, figures of 1000hp have been comfortably made on blown SBE versions on local soil. Speed Pro have them in stock now for AU$13,805, so we suggest giving them a bell on (03) 9794 5177 or visting to secure one.


If you’ve got an LSA and you’re looking for an easy way to get some extra spice out of it, then VCM’s LSA Front Drive Cover Kit is the best way to get started. It’s a direct bolt-on affair for the LSA blower, and boasts a larger surface area than standard or ported snouts. The kit also allows you to swap smaller boost pulleys on with ease, and can also fit a larger 103mm throttlebody with no extra mods. Find out more by getting in touch with VCM Performance on (03) 9763 7599 or [email protected] or


Keeping oil up to your mill is obviously vital, and fitting an upgraded sump with a larger capacity is one easy way to do that. Bandit Super Pans are made from high-quality stamped steel, and features side wings that allow for a significant increase in oil capacity without losing important ground clearance. They also come fitted with a windage tray and scraper for even more performance benefits, and are a direct bolt-on part. They’re available for XR-XF Falcons using either a Clevo or Windsor, and Holden 258 and 308 V8s for HQ-WB, LH-UC Torana and VB-VT Commodore. They can also be ordered to suit most big- and small-block Chevs in HQ-WB chassis, so they cover plenty of hero cars. To find out more or order one now, visit or call 1800 722 227.


Assembly oil is a vital part of any engine work, whether you’re upgrading to a big-boy camshaft or just doing a repair. If you don’t use some kind of special lube on your bits before you hit the key, your engine is more than likely going to lunch itself and you’ll be worse off than when you started. Driven Racing Oils GP-1 No-Drip Assembly Gel is the perfect way to protect your freshly rebuilt mill from catastrophic failure, designed specifically for lifters, pushrods, valve guides, rockers and camshafts. The No-Drip gel clings to the part you smother it on without making a massive mess, and it dissolves into the oil to avoid clogging oil passages. You can grab a tube now from Performance Wholesale on (07) 3808 1986 or by visiting


If you thought Haltech’s stunning iC-7 dash was exclusive to those running new-age EFI on their rigs, think again! Haltech has found a way to make the iC-7 useable for any set-up, including carby and mechanically injected deals that do away with ECUs. The new standalone iC-7 Classic kit comes with a pre-terminated wiring harness to suit non-EFI engines. Included with the harness and dash is water, fuel and oil sensors that can be adapted to most engines with ease. The iC-7 Classic kit is also compatible with Haltech CAN devices, so you can use Wideband O2, EGT sensors and tyre temp and pressure monitors while retaining your old-school engine management. You can find out more by calling Haltech on (02) 9729 0999 or visiting


If you’ve a Clevo-powered XY Falcon that gets hot under the collar or a project in the build, then Norm and the crew at Aussie Desert Cooler can make you the perfect radiator combo to keep things nice and cool. The radiators are made from 100 per cent TIG-welded aluminium, with no plastic tanks or glue to be seen. The rad is 58mm thick, with each of the two rows measuring whopping 26mm. They can be ordered with a pair of chrome-plated thermo fans already mounted for easy installation, and engine and transmission coolers can also be optioned into your order. You can find out more by giving Norm a call on (03) 9465 8806 or visiting


Reciprocating saws are a must-have for any power tool collection, especially if you’re always pulling rusty relics apart. They’re a great way to cut through those dirtier parts like old exhausts with ease, and the best bit is that you don’t have to worry about throwing sparks everywhere and starting unwanted fires. Away from cars, they’re perfect for cutting up wood, PVC piping and a whole lot more. Being a part of the Ryobi ONE+ range means your existing Ryobi batteries will plug straight into it. They’re only $115 for the skin, and you can grab one now from your local Bunnings or