Street Machine May 2024 issue on sale now!

Check out what's inside the new issue, on sale now


The May 2024 issue of Street Machine is on sale now, with West Aussie Boris Pacey’s epic blown and injected Hemi-powered HQ Sandman on the cover.

We’re all too familiar with the concept of a project snowballing beyond your initial plans, but Boris’s Sandman is a fairly extreme example. He started out building a steel-bodied, 308-powered Quey and ended up with a carbon composite-bodied, 2500hp Brad Anderson Hemi-powered Top Doorslammer! The engineering and craftsmanship involved is exceptional, so be sure to check it out.

Also hailing from WA, Jono Calautti’s XD Fairmont might look like a super-clean, mild-mannered streeter, but looks can be deceiving. It sports a large, rear-mounted turbocharger that force-feeds a tough Windsor V8 for an impressive 1300rwhp worth of shove.

Rockynats has quickly become the Sunshine State’s premier automotive festival, and the 2024 running was an absolute belter. We bring you all the action!

Imagine getting your first project car build as right as Rob Kastoun did. With the assistance of the team at Image Conversions, his gorgeous Chevy pick-up has emerged as a masterclass in style and restraint.

Anthony Safar wanted to go big with his Blue Meanie tribute to outshine his previous VK. A Vortech-blown Warspeed LS, gold-plated highlights and a bunch of highly detailed, lowrider-inspired engraving did the trick.

We headed along to the inaugural Hardass 1000, a pub crawl thinly veiled as a drag-and-drive event, and can report that a beaut time was had by all.

As far as recipes for kick-arse streeters go, a blown small block-powered HK Premier has to be right up there. Brendan Simpson’s example is an absolute stunner.

Shane Graham’s VJ Charger has a delightfully old-school aesthetic, but pop the bonnet and you’re greeted with a turbocharged, fuel-injected 265 Hemi that makes plenty of steam.

Frank Zammit’s Capri has been a fixture of the Sydney street and drag racing scenes since the 90s. However, the car’s latest incarnation, complete with a tough small-block Ford topped with a towering Whipple blower, is by far the greatest.

This issue’s Time Machine is one of our coolest yet. One of the most fondly remembered Street Machine feature cars of the 90s is back, now with small-block Chrysler power!