Video: Ten power tools for Father’s Day

Scott Taylor takes us through his top ten Ryobi power tools for Father's Day

Photographers: Matt Hull, Nathan Jacobs
Videographers: Matt Hull

Power tools are a necessity for any gear head, from the home DIY-er to the workshop pros. We’ve been using Ryobi power tools both at home and on our YouTube show Carnage for years now, long before they came on board as sponsors of the show.

The Ryobi catalogue for their 18V ONE + battery powered tool range is enormous, so Scotty has chosen this top ten tools to suit a variety of budgets in time for Father’s Day.

1. 1/2-inch Brushless Impact Wrench

One of our staples is the must-have half-inch dak dak. Dad can choose from three power levels so you don’t strip unsuspecting bolts, and ours has cracked more than its fair share of stubborn and rusty nuts and bolts over the years. It has a forward and reverse setting, and also three lights on the top so dad can see the hell he’s doing.

ryobi power tools
  • Heavy-duty HP brushless motor
  • 1,600Nm of breakaway torque (twisting power)
  • ½” friction ring anvil design
  • 3 speed settings
  • Tri-beam LED light

2. Hybrid Workshop Light

Seeing what you’re doing is super important, which is why the Hybrid Workshop Light is never far away on any Carnage shoot. The hybrid part means the light can be used both with an 18V ONE + battery as well as a normal 240V power lead. It can bend it just about any way dad likes, and also has mounting hooks for hanging under bonnets and cars.

Street Machine TV Ryobi Workshop Light
  • 2 separate panels with highintensity LED lights
  • Adjustable up to a 270 degree angle
  • Multiple hanging options with hooks, screw holes and the carry handle.

3. 3/8-inch Impact Driver

The 3/8-inch impact driver is a great intermediate tool, as it makes whizzing smaller nuts and bolts on and off a breeze without the brutality of the impact wrench. It also has three adjustable speed settings and LED lights just like the impact wrench, and is great for things like tek screws and wood work.

Street Machine TV Ryobi 18 V ONE 3
  • Die cast front gear housing for durability
  • 3 speeds for greater control and a wider range of application
  • Tri-beam LED light for increased visibility
  • MagTray On-board screw and bit storage

4. 3/8-inch Ratchet Wrench

This one is a true favourite of ours, and it’s one of those ‘how did we live without this?’ tools. This latest version features a full 360 degree swivel head, so it really does fit anywhere a normal ratchet wrench would. While not designed for heavy duty tasks, it’s great for those sump, rocker cover and water pump bolts that don’t require much force but take a long time to do with hand tools.

Ryobi tool
  • LED worklight illuminates the area – great for dark spaces
  • Forward/reverse mode for tightening and loosening fasteners
  • Full 360° rotation for greater versatility and comfortable use in confined spaces

5. 4V Screwdriver

This little critter is great for delicate tasks. It may only be a 4V, but it comes with 10 individual pieces to suit small jobs and USB charging cable and adapter. It’s ideal for fiddly tasks like interior screws and nuts, as well as home DIY dad jobs like door handles.

Street Machine TV Ryobi 18 V ONE 6
R4SDC-L13C I/N: 0075924
  • LED worklight illuminates the area – great for dark spaces
  • Forward/reverse mode for tightening and loosening fasteners
  • Full 360° rotation for greater versatility and comfortable use in confined spaces

6. Super Fast Charger

The real advantage to the 18V ONE + system is having batteries that fit over 100 tools, but you need to keep them charged. The quickest way to do that is with the Super Fast Charger, because it’ll fully charge the 5.0Ah battery in just 60 mins. While the 6-port Supercharger is our go-to in the Carnage workshop, if we want a battery turned around quick smart the Super Fast Charger is really handy so dad never needs to down tools while waiting for batteries.

Street Machine TV Ryobi Super Fast Charger
RC18150U I/N: 6210699
  • LED Status Indicator
  • USB port for speedy device charging
  • Wall-mountable Design

7. Brushless Angle Grinder

We’d argue this one is a must have for any DIY-er, car related or not. We’ve used our grinders for everything from cutting bolts, to grinding back rust and paint and even cleaning surfaces to ready them for new gaskets. We’ve got several set up so we can switch from grinding to cutting to wire brushing without pausing, but it does also feature a quick change nut so you can change attachments easily.

Street Machine TV Ryobi 18 V ONE 4
  • Line-lockout, anti-kickback protection, and soft start for user safety
  • Variable current depending on work materials for optimised cutting performance
  • Tool-free guard adjustment and disc changes with FixTec nut
  • 3 auxiliary handle positions
  • 125mm disc size

8. Brushless Drill Driver

Every dad needs a good drill! This one uses brushless tech like many others on this list, and also has what Ryobi call ‘E-Torque Control’ which helps prevent you causing inadvertent damage.

Street Machine TV Ryobi 18 V ONE 2
  • HP™ Brushless motor
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • On-board LED work light
  • 2-speed gearbox

9. Soldering Iron

Perfect for electrical work, and because it uses Ryobi ONE + 18V batteries, you don’t need to worry about tripping over power cords and burning yourself. And don’t think you’ll be chewing through batteries either, as it’ll run for four hours on a typical 5Ah battery! Perfect for those long nights soldering in the shed.

Street Machine TV Ryobi Soldering Iron
  • Iron holder protects your tool and equipment from damage
  • Portable design allows for soldering wherever it’s needed
  • Up to 200 minutes of runtime with a 5.0Ah ONE+ Battery

10. Hybrid Inflator/Deflator

This is the perfect all ‘rounder air tool, especially for camping trips. Use it to pump up your tyres at the track or deflate your 4×4 tyres on the offroad trails, and then you can use the other attachment to inflate your air mattress as well as bike tyres, balls and everything else. The mode adjustments mean you can choose the exact psi of pressure you want and the machine will take care of the rest, and being a hybrid means you can also plug it into mains power so you can use your ONE + 18V battery for other tools.

Street Machine TV Ryobi 18 V ONE 5
  • High volume inflation for large inflatables
  • High pressure inflation for tyres and small inflatables
  • On board storage of hoses and accessory nozzles
  • Cordless convenience for use in virtually any location
  • Digital pressure read-out and automatic shut-off at any predefined pressure for most accurate inflation

BONUS – Workshop Radio

Tunes are an essential part of any workshop or garage, and while we can’t use it on camera (due to music rights restrictions on YouTube), our 2-Speaker Radio with Bluetooth does get a solid workout in the Carnage stable. Features include a pair of 7W speakers, FM and AM stations, AUX, USB and Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to run off of mains power as well as Ryobi ONE + 18V batteries. Grab one for dad and he can pump out classic rock to his heart’s content.

Street Machine TV Ryobi 18 V ONE 1
  • Integrated Bluetooth module to stream music
  • Hybrid feature (cordless and corded option)
  • USB charging port to charge your USB devices (USB cord not included)
  • Integrated auxiliary input for MP3 use (Aux cable included)

All these and the entire range of Ryobi 18V ONE + power tools are available at either or in store and online at Bunnings, and we can guarantee they’ll have the tool you need for any job.